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Brandon on the Job

Brandon Elefante has served the residents of ‘Aiea, Pearl City and Waipahu since taking office on November 12, 2014 and has been at the forefront of many issues important to island families.

From transportation and traffic-related issues to making sure our neighborhoods are strong and secure, Brandon is committed to working hard to represent our community by continuing to advocate for residents of City Council District 8, while also taking a hands-on approach to assisting constituents who face challenges navigating through city government.

Brandon currently serves as Chairman of the Committee on Public Health, Safety and Welfare and the O’ahu Metropolitan Planning Organization and Vice-Chair of the Committee on Executive Matters and Legal Affairs. 

He is also a member of the Committees on:

  • Transportation
  • Planning
  • Public Works and Sustainability
  • Age Friendly Cities

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Current Priorities


As a strong supporter of public safety, Brandon knows that Honolulu’s first responders — police officers, firefighters, paramedics, lifeguards, and medical emergency providers — do their utmost to keep our communities safe and the peace of mind that they will be there when we need them to most.

In turn, we must do our best to support these men and women. Brandon will continue to ensure that they receive the quality training and the resources they need to help them prepare and perform their jobs well.

The City and County of Honolulu recently committed millions of dollars to road repairs, which for years have been previously neglected. The city also was mandated to upgrade its sewer system by the Environmental Protection Agency. Brandon will ensure that these dollars will be spent responsibly and that these improvements are investments for our future.

As an island community with limited space and resources, Brandon understands the need for our communities to become more self-reliant. He will introduce and support measures that promote alternative energies, assist our farmers and agribusinesses, address issues of climate change, and encourage recycling.


Brandon believes our health, safety, and the time we spend with our families and our community are factors which contribute to a thriving city. Brandon cares deeply about the future of Honolulu. Brandon will support policies that will ensure that our communities continue to be vibrant gathering places for everyone. He’ll support the continued improvement of parks and public spaces to ensuring that our world-class beaches are an enjoyable venue for residents and visitors alike. Brandon will pursue measures and programs that improve our quality of life for our residents.

The 8th Council District is home to over 4,500 businesses, many of which are family owned and operated. Brandon is a strong supporter of small businesses because he recognizes their contributions to our community and economy. He supports creative ideas that will integrate and benefit our communities. 


Transportation is an essential component of our daily lives. From driving to work, dropping off the keiki at school, to running errands, we all rely on some mode of transportation to get around. With a growing population and increasing traffic congestion on our roads, residents spend valuable time stuck in traffic when they could spend quality time with their families.

Brandon supports Complete Streets initiatives which makes streets safer for all modes of transporation. Moreover, Brandon supports the Honolulu Rail Transit Project, recognizing the reliable transportation option that it will provide for thousands of families, make traveling safer for our kupuna, and the revitalization efforts that it will spur throughout our communities.


Many families face difficult financial decisions everyday and unfortunately, many live paycheck-to-paycheck and many others are just a paycheck away from becoming homeless. Brandon understands that there is a need for more housing that is affordable. With the city’s new affordable housing policy requirements and transit-oriented development, the city will have an opportunity to create zoning around the rail stations to meet the needs of working class families, seniors, and young professionals. 


Brandon supports a multifaceted approach to addressing the issue of homelessness in Honolulu. By combining existing resources and working collaboratively with the state, the federal government, and the City and County of Honolulu we can be best poised to address the issue. Brandon will continue to support comprehensive efforts such as the “Housing First” program, which seeks to address the issue of chronic homelessness in communities and gets them back on their feet. This program has been deemed a success in cities such as Seattle, Denver, and New York.

Brandon’s Story

A lifelong resident of the Pearl City and ‘Aiea communities and graduate of ‘Aiea High School in 2004, Brandon Elefante learned at an early age the value of responsibility and commitment. He was an only child born to a single mother and also raised by immigrant grandparents from the Philippines, who taught him about respecting others and the importance of hard work.

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